Dojo Research & Consulting

Professional Engineering Consulting Services in Fluid Dynamics
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

What is Dojo Research & Consulting?
We are a growing team of scientists and engineers with world-class expertise in the areas of flow and thermal engineering offering research and development services ranging from lab testing to computer simulation. We form close technical partnerships with our clients to solve their toughest engineering challenges.  We are dedicated to the highest level of service.
We deliver solutions.
Dojo Research & Consulting handles all aspects of engineering testing and simulation including instrumentation, data acquisition, laboratory testing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
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We have over 25 years of experience in laboratory measurement and problem solving in core competencies of Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Heat Transfer. When you work with Dojo Research & Consulting, you will have complete confidence that you made the right choice for your measurement and simulation needs.


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Don Jordan, Ph.D.

Founder & Research Scientist
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