Computational Fluid Dynamics

Do you need computational simulation of your flow or heat transfer application?
We will perform a computational simulation of your flow application and provide you with the following:
  • Insight into the physical phenomena of your application
  • Professional written report of results and findings (.PDF)
  • Professional presentation of results and findings (.PPT)
  • Technical briefing of results (in person or remote)
  • Figures/plots in preferred format
  • SolidWorks files/drawings used or created

What are our areas of technical expertise?

  • Pressure drop/flow losses
  • Conductive and convective heat transfer
  • Multiphase flow including boiling flows
  • Microfluidic devices

What is the computational setup?

We use COMSOL Multiphysics on our multi-core Mac Pro computers.

What is a computational study?

It could be a comparison of the flow in two different geometries or it may be a parameter sweep of a single geometry. The following figures illustrate a parameter sweep from a simulation of a pin fin computer chip cooler run on our system.


Figure 1. Geometry of pin fin computer chip cooler.


Figure 2. Surface temperature distribution of pin fins for heating rate of 1 W.


Figure 3. Comparison of air temperature distribution for various heating rates.

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