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Dojo Research & Consulting is an engineering consulting company offering research and development services. Our areas of expertise include Experiments and Computer Simulation on Flow and Thermal Systems, Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Designs, 3D CAD Modeling in SolidWorks, 3D Printing/Prototyping and Photorealistic Rendering. We provide engineering support to small and early stage companies to help them perform feasibility studies,  advance their technology and validate performance metrics of their inventions.  We form close technical partnerships with our clients to solve their toughest engineering challenges.




Abstract Water

Flow and Thermal Experiments


Don Jordan has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from RPI and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from UT Austin. He worked for the University of Virginia in various teaching and research capacities for a number of years with a focus on flow and thermal systems. In 2015, he left academia and founded Dojo Research & Consulting, where he currently leads the company and performs consulting on both experiments and simulations of flow and thermal systems. 


Founder and Research Scientist

Al Grady joined Dojo Research in January 2019 as a Mechanical Engineering Technician. He specializes using SolidWorks to create 3D CAD models and machining drawings and is a Certified Solidworks Associate. He also has extensive experience in design for 3D printing and mechanical prototyping. Al has worked with a wide assortment of clients on projects involving hardware ranging from electronics enclosures, PTFE tubing and venturis, silicone face masks and other mechanical devices. 


Mechanical Engineering Technician


Larissa Ishimwe graduated from University of Southern Maine with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. She specializes in using SolidWorks for CAD and SolidWorks Simulation for simulation of mechanical systems.  She has worked on numerous projects involving finite element analysis including analyzing stresses in gym equipment, hoisting components and pressurized tanks. She also has experience calculating the response of composite materials and time-dependent stress as a result of impact loading. 


Mechanical Engineer & Simulation Pro

Ben Grady joined Dojo Research in January 2019 as a Mechanical Engineering Technician. Ben has expertise in 3D printing, mechanical prototyping and in building thermoelectric assemblies. Ben developed company capability in photorealistic rendering and animation using Blender to provide product rendering to clients.  Ben has created photorealistic renderings and animations of aircraft concepts, electrical equipment and polarized sunglasses. 


Mechanical Engineering Technician & Rendering Specialist

Sean Ames is an electrical engineer who completed his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at University of Southern Maine. He specializes in electronics and circuit design for industrial and consumer devices. Sean has experience in the design of mixed-signal circuits and PCB's for embedded electronics and electro-mechanical systems. Circuit schematics, simulation, prototyping, PCB design, robotics and firmware programming are all part of his repertoire


Electrical Engineer


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