"They know what they are doing."

"They did such an awesome job! They helped with issues I had in my design and made helpful suggestions to improve my product. I would absolutely go back to them for another job. 10/10" 

- Kyle V.

"Helped resolve all the issues and got product ready for manufacturing. Very helpful and communicative. They know what they are doing. I am satisfied." 

- MJ D.

"Don’s the best! He helped me write a SBIR Phase 1 grant from the National Science Foundation that we just got word is being recommended for funding. I had been thinking about applying for it but just didn’t have a sense as to how we would structure and write the research plan. Don knew exactly what to do and gave me all the confidence that we could get it done. He orchestrated everything, kept us on track and then structured and wrote the research plan, while I filled in bits and pieces here and there as Don asked for them. And before we knew it, it was done and submitted…and recommended for funding!"

Dr. Casey Kerrigan Chairman, OESH Shoes

"I reached out to Donald about an ongoing issue we were having with my company’s Power Steering Reservoir. I knew the issue was above my experience and I wanted to hire the best fluid dynamic minds to solve it once and for all. After a short phone conversation to explain the application and issues, Donald had some valuable input for a redesign. We drew it up in Solidworks and Christina started the CFD process. We improved the design in tiny increments and ended up with a perfected product in a small amount of time. We have successfully field tested this item and its 110% awesome. Donald and Christina have been great to work with and I am looking forward to my next project with them."

- Chase McMaster, Chase Bays

"Highly Recommend them. Very professional and trustworthy." 

- Tiffany V.

"Ben did an amazing job making this modeled product look complete and life-like! He did exactly as he said he'd do and communicated very well. Nice work, Ben!"

- Jeffrey K.

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