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Electrical Engineering

We perform electrical design services such as schematic creation, circuit simulation, PCB layout, board assembly/testing, and firmware development. Finished electronic hardware assemblies (PCBA’s) are either fully built in-house or ordered from a reliable 3rd party fabricator. We utilize a Voltera V-One PCB printer to build circuit modules and validate design concepts before finalizing a PCB; this can dramatically reduce hardware development cost and time. We also provide firmware development and validation services for the operation of embedded devices. If a design requires programming it is often a great benefit to have both the custom hardware and coding development occurring simultaneously, by the same team. We have completed and delivered a range of electronic design packages and finished hardware. These have included microcontroller units for hand-held appliances that read/display sensor data, custom lighting fixtures, and power supply modules with voltage and current converters. We’ve developed motor control units for fan-speed and actuator operations in larger electro-mechanical systems. Whether a project requires a first prototype or MVP (“minimum viable product”) is entirely dependent on the client and situation. At Dojo Research, we have extensive experience working as a team to integrate both mechanical and electrical systems into a final working prototype which a client can receive and test. The electronics deliverable always includes a finished design package of schematics, PCB Gerber files, source code, performance data, user instructions, and any additional fabrication files for production.

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